Wednesday Matinee Silver Screen

'Love Again' (12A) - Wednesday 17th May, 1.30pm

'Book Club: The Next Chapter' (12A) - Wednesday 24th May, 1.30pm

Are you free during the day?

Come to our Wednesday Silver Screen show and enjoy a film and a cup of tea/coffee for £4.99*

If you require subtitles for the hard of hearing, please ask a member of our staff

*Tickets are only available on the day, so come early to avoid disappointment as seats are very limited.

As this is a Senior's promotional event, any vouchers (eg. DealMonster, Living Social, Groupon, ect) cannot be redeemed at any of these showings.

Fylde Film Society 2022/23 Season, Part 2:

The Good Boss (15) - Monday 9th January, 8.15pm

Hive (15) - Monday 23rd January, 8.00pm

Hit the Road (12A) - Monday 6th February, 8.00pm

Decision to Leave (15) - Monday 20th February, 8.00pm

The Quiet Girl (12A) - Monday 6th March, 8.00pm

Triangle of Sadness (15) - Monday 20th March, 8.00pm

Clara Sola (15) - Monday 3rd April, 8.00pm

Sabaya (15) - Monday 17th April, 8.00pm

Drive My Car (15) - Monday 15th May, 7.30pm

Official Competition (15) - Monday 5th June, 8.00pm

Contemporary World Cinema on the Fylde

Established in 1948, the Fylde Film Society is a group of film lovers who share a common interest in contemporary world cinema. Screenings commence promptly at the advertised time with no adverts or trailers, and with no constant chatter, noisy eating or smartphone use.

It's a great enviroment to watch films, so come and join us! 

Subtitled Screenings

There are currently no subtitled screenings scheduled.

The screening will run as normal, however, there will be subtitles on the screen throughout the whole film.

These screenings are open to everyone, however, please be aware that they are primarily for our hard of hearing customers.

Autism Friendly Screenings

There are no Screenings Currently Scheduled

During the screening the lights are dimmed, but left on, and the volume of the film lowered.

Carers MUST attend and must be in attendance throughout the film.

These screenings are open to everyone, however, please be aware that they are primarily for our autistic customers.

Live Cinema Screenings 2023

There are currently no Live Screening scheduled.


Live for one night only, we will be offering an extensive Live Cinema Season for 2019/20 featuring productions from the Royal Opera House, National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and much more.

These are live satellite links, so timings are approximate and most shows will include either 1 or 2 intervals.

Tickets are £15.00 and £12.50 Concession.

Please be aware that tickets for these screenings are exempt from Meerkat Madness and any promotional offers/vouchers issued by the Island Cinema

Loyalty Card

Do you enjoy coming to The Island Cinema regularly?

If so, then why not apply for our Loyalty Card!

Just ask our Box Office staff for an application form on your next visit.

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